Using the Enneagram for Better Communication – Hannah Fryer

Hannah Fryer joins me to talk all about the Enneagram and the many ways it can help us communicate better in our relationships. Never heard of the Enneagram? No worries, we explain what it is at the top of the episode. Already an Enneagram lover? Hannah mentions the core longings and core fears of each type, which is perhaps my favorite part of the conversation. This conversation is filled with juicy tidbits to becoming more compassionate communicators.
Hannah also helps me make the final determination on if I’m type 7 or 9. If you’ve had a hard time typing yourself, the questions she asks me are gold.
Other highlights from this episode include Hannah’s obsession with car seat safety, and our discussion around the Enneagram types for Ted Lasso characters. 
Hannah Fryer is the founder of Brambling & Co. and a Certified Enneagram Coach. Regardless of the project or goal, Hannah’s guiding principle and primary focus is making the world a better place. Her core values are purpose and vision, and everything she does comes back to those two words. She believes wholeheartedly she was made to do this work, and she’s grateful every day to wake up to new opportunities and to use her gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.
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Let’s continue the conversation in the comments. What’s your Enneagram type? Who is your favorite Ted Lasso character?


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