Flying By the Seat of Your Pants

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The quality of our conversations determines the quality of our relationships which determine the quality of our life.

So by that logic, the best thing we can do for ourselves (and those closest to us) is to invest in our communication.

I wish they taught us these things in school, but they don’t. Instead, they leave us to fly by the seat of our pants in our most important relationships.

​Flying by the seat of our pants is an excellent strategy for some things—choosing where to get ice cream in a new city, figuring out what to do with the chicken in the fridge for dinner, picking out a shirt first thing in the morning.

Flying by the seat of our pants for FINDING AND KEEPING LOVE?

I think not.

And that, my dear, is why I created The Convey Collective.

Because I’ve been obsessed with communication for over a decade, and I’ve learned a thing (or 10,000) about how to make conversations less like a muddy pond and more like the crystal clear waters of the Carribbean.

​I mean, which one of these looks more appealing to you?

Do you want your conversations to feel like this?

Or this?

If you want to take your conversations from murky to crystal clear (thereby improving your relationships and your life), then join me inside The Convey Collective.

With so much love,



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