Growing Up, Vulnerability, and How Our Parents Creep Into Our Relationships with Ron Cecil

Ron Cecil joins me for a conversation about creating intentional relationships—the kind that add more vibrancy to our lives.
I met Ron 2 minutes before hitting record, but by the end we feel like great friends.
We ask and answer:
  • If a marriage doesn’t work, is it a failure?
  • When is vulnerability helpful?
  • Is the patriarchy hurting men, too?
  • What are our partners actually responsible for in a relationship?
And because surface-level convos are not my jam, we also cover:
  • How the patterns of our parents have a way of trying to creep into our own relationships and how to catch them
  • What it means to craft an intentional relationship/marriage
  • What happens when our wounds trigger our partner
This is a conversation about the often vulnerable process of waking up to ourselves, and what it means to embrace that vulnerability in a relationship with another human trying to do the same thing in their own way.
Ron also shares what happened when he asked his wife’s dad if he could marry her (it’s not what you might think). And we both share the moments we recognized that our parents are humans, too.
Ron Cecil was born in rural New Mexico, where he fell in love with the Divine, rock climbing, and smoking cigarettes in secret.
In 2016, he committed to his calling as a Masculine Wholeness coach and now guides men through the journey of resetting their nervous systems and disrupting patterns that have kept them from creating mental, physical and emotional health.
Lasting romantic love has also been a vital aspect of Ron’s story. His parents were married 13 times, and this has created in him a devotion to understanding what makes a healthy marriage. He has been vibrantly partnered since 2009 and is now father to a daughter and adopted son.
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