How do Science & Spirituality Co-Exist? What Fire Teaches Us with Dr. Amber Ortega

My friend Dr. Amber Ortega joins me to talk about science and spirituality. As a scientist, firefighter, and priestess, Amber brings a unique lens to exploring these two worlds that often seem at odds. 

We talk about the science of fire and why it’s been such a powerful symbol for humans throughout history. We also discuss what fire teaches us about boundaries, how agreement fields set us up for success, and the importance of trusting our bodies. 

And in a world that’s obsessed with the brightest flame and flashiest lights, Amber and I talk about the science of smoldering and what it means for us on a day-to-day basis.


Dr. Amber Ortega is a weaver of science and spirit, here to co-create planetary healing. She earned her PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry and is an Elemental Priestess of the Sacred Arts. She’s a lover of deep conversations and comfortable with most things taboo (which makes her a fantastic guest in this episode)! She’s also a Wildland Firefighter and lives a vegan, sober lifestyle.

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