How Do We Cultivate Community As Adults? With Mindy Jones

How do we cultivate community as adults? This is the question Mindy Jones joins me to talk about in this week’s episode. During our conversation, Mindy and I talk about belonging, how to lead community with intention, some of the reasons we’re left feeling disconnected in today’s day and age, and how to be intentional about finding friends you want to hang around.
A native of Arizona, Mindy is the owner of the Amy Jones Group, a residential real estate team serving the Valley. On a mission to thrive, Mindy has created a platform for gritty, busy, hard working women who want to live their best lives personally and professionally by serving through real estate and community. Founded on the core principals of doing things better, Mindy’s team is focused on educating and empowering consumers to make the best decisions for their families.
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