How Do We Flourish When Things Feel Complicated? With Dr. Sophia Town

Dr. Sophia Town is on the show with me this week to talk about how we flourish in the face of complexity. We dive into what it means to flourish, how to cultivate wisdom, the power of discernment, how to make the transition from knowing to being, and what to do about our society’s prioritization of the rational mind.

We let one of Sophia’s recent studies guide us in conversation about what it takes to be an exceptional leader and the different ways we can process information to make wise decisions.

Sophia also explains what self-care actually looks like and blows my mind with her framework for figuring out our personal flair of self-care.

If you’re looking to come back to clarity, this conversation is filled with valuable gems.

Dr. Sophia Town is a professor and researcher of human flourishing. Formally, her field is organizational behavior, and her academic home is the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in NYC.

As a researcher, she explores how we can build more compassionate, connected, and wise organizations. As a professor, her work involves transformative learning theory—which urges students beyond “knowing” to “becoming.” In her personal life, she’s a martial artist, a sushi fan, and living out her NYC “Carrie Bradshaw” dream. 😉

Fun fact: I met Sophia in grad school, and while I’m glad I left academia, I’m so grateful our friendship has lasted so we can continue to geek out on all things flourishing and the blending of Eastern and Western philosophy.

You can find the link to Sophia’s self-care framework here:

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