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Inspiration, ideas, and a little instigation to help you unleash your creativity, share your gifts, lead with heart and empathy, and leave a lasting impact.

be like Portland not Newark

be like Portland not Newark

I hit the jackpot flying back to Austin last night. I not only had the extra roomy exit row, I…
Are you asking the right question?

Are you asking the right question?

Patrick and I were in a conversation this morning and he said something brilliant. Which isn’t unusual by any means,…

We’re not here to exist in isolation. We’re here to use our gifts and share them. 

Sharing our gifts with the world to support others and leave an impact are natural extensions of our personal growth. 

If you’re here, it likely means you’re ready to take your growth into service. This is your space to find ideas, insights, and a bit of instigation to unleash your creativity on the world.

Reflection Questions

1. Where do you want to see change?
2. What are you talking about constantly? There are clues in the things we can’t stop talking about.
3. What’s the message you would shout from the rooftops? (Mine’s “Make it Mentionable”).


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"Wow, I am blown away by ALL of your acknowledgements, your insights, your sharing and your heartfelt words.

Profound. Real. Honest. Provocative (it made me go deeper with how I think about what I have come through over the years)."
-J.W., Subscriber
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