Love & Relationships

Relationships are one of life’s greatest gifts for healing, fulfillment and joy.

Gift Anxiety

Gift Anxiety

Gift buying can be stressful for a lot of people. If you’re one of those people, my heart goes out…
Can you sit?

Can you sit?

I was leaning over the counter eating artichoke hearts out of the can when my friend Kerason texted me mid-bite.…

Love, we all want it. We write songs about finding it, losing it, keeping it.

But we aren’t taught the ins and outs of being loving on a daily basis.

Relationships are a mirror for us to learn more about ourselves. They’re also messy. 

Here you’ll find resources, tips, and insights on creating amazing relationships and finding more love in the nooks and crannies of your life.

Reflection Questions

1. How do I like to be shown love? What’s my default way of showing love to others?
2. When I feel judged, how do I typically repsond?
3. Where do I need to show myself more love?


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"Wow, I am blown away by ALL of your acknowledgements, your insights, your sharing and your heartfelt words.

Profound. Real. Honest. Provocative (it made me go deeper with how I think about what I have come through over the years)."
-J.W., Subscriber
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