Making the Unconventional Choice with Sami Miles

Sami Miles joins me to talk about leaning into turning points and the nuances of making an unconventional choice.
Highlights from the conversation:
  • The turning point that led to Sami quitting her corporate career
  • Another unconventional choice Sami and her now-husband made that also influences their kids (and how it’s made their lives better)
  • Tips for telling your story in your own words (especially after leaning into a turning point)
We also discuss how embracing the unconventional impacts our sense of freedom.
Sami is a copywriter helping coaches welcome their subscribers with an autopilot email sequence to get their ideal customers to love ’em and buy from ’em. She’s 7 months pregnant with her second pandemic baby and about to get legally married over Zoom while pantsless. She recently quit a corporate biomedical industry job to pursue copywriting full time. She’s also a former stand-up comic.
Here’s the link to the free meditation Sami mentions at the end:
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