OCD, Eating Disorders, and The Ways We Search for Control with Laura Morsman

Laura was 14 when she found out she had 28 days left to live. Her body was deteriorating rapidly due to anorexia, and she needed help. The way Laura tells her story is incredibly powerful and sets the tone for a conversation that wanders through questions often left unspoken. We discuss eating disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the role control can end up playing in both, and most importantly, hope.
As we navigate this topic, we also cover:
  • What happens when we feel like our body is the only thing we can control?
  • What happens when healing doesn’t have an end stamp that says, “I’m cured!” and instead is an ongoing process of maintenance and management?
  • Where does perfectionism hide in our lives beyond school and work?
  • How do you love and appreciate your parents while acknowledging their role in the coping mechanisms you’ve chosen?
This is one of the most intimate episodes of the show thus far. I hope you feel like you’re around the table with us as you tune in.
Laura is a people-loving, deep feeling, loud laughing, Gemini. 😉 Her passion is to help illustrate others’ incredible life stories and welcome the most vulnerable, raw parts of us as humans in any photo she takes.
Laura is the photographer responsible for many of the pictures we use for alyssapatmos.com and the cover art for Make it Mentionable. Since the first time I stepped behind her camera, she’s been a dear friend.
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