Rest, Relaxation, and What Trees Can Teach Us About Both with Emily Carter

Emily Carter joins me to talk about rest, relaxation, time, and leisure. These topics often make for hot articles, but how often are they talked about through the lens of trees, bees, and nature? That’s where we’re going in today’s episode.
Often, the distortion we feel around our time leads to burnout or a general sense of unfulfillment. In this episode, Emily and I dive into how our relationships with time, rest, and community influence how each of us feels daily and what we can do to feel more alive.
One of my favorite things is turning back to nature because nature holds so much wisdom, and it’s right in front of our face (even though I live in the middle of a major city). Emily’s obsession with the pawpaw tree kicks us off, and my recent obsession with bees helps us go even deeper.
My orchid is also discussed because it seems I’m learning something weekly from watching it grow.
Tune in if you feel out of rhythm and want to get back to feeling in sync. Or if you find yourself wondering about time frequently like both Emily and I do.
Emily is a community builder, podcast host, and founder of Change Agent Studio. Her work and current curiosity centers around how our relationships with time, community, ourselves, and work influence how we experience life on the daily. She’s also in love with pawpaws (aka – the Indiana Banana). It’s a unique fruit, native to the Midwest, that’s a cross between bananas and mangos. Have you tried one? Let us know in the comments.
You can find Emily’s podcast, From Hustle to Hell Yes, here.
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