“Should It Be This Hard?” An Unconventional Q & A with Geoff and Alyssa

Geoff and I are coming to you from our couch this week with an unconventional Q & A. We identify a question that many people end up being plagued with and offer stories and solutions for figuring out how to answer it. Come behind closed doors with us as we shine a light on the uncomfortable, so it holds less power.
This week’s question is, “Should it be this hard?” Meaning, “Should a relationship be this hard?”
We dive into the pain behind this question, the underlying frustrations that lead to it popping up, and offer a better question to ask yourself.

We also dive into:

  • The illusion of chasing happiness and what we can choose to embrace instead
  • The type of work that makes relationships work
  • The facades we often put up to protect ourselves and how they eventually create conflict
  • Better questions to ask on dates, so you can know sooner if you want to commit or not
We also ask and answer…
  • Is there such a thing as “the perfect relationship”?
  • When is the time to leave and when is the time to stay?
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