In a world that discourages talking about the taboo, I bought a microphone.

As Mister Rogers said, “Anything human is mentionable, and anything mentionable is manageable.”

I invite you to join me as we journey through the mess, the magic, and the mania in between because what we can talk about, we can manage.

This honest conversation extravaganza includes free-flowing conversations and high doses of vulnerability to remind you that you aren’t alone. No topic is off-limits. Episodes are designed to leave you smarter (aka more self-aware) than when you came.


Growing Up, Vulnerability, and How Our Parents Creep Into Our Relationships with Ron Cecil

Ron Cecil joins me for a conversation about creating intentional relationships—the kind that add more vibrancy to our lives. I met Ron 2 minutes before hitting …


Working Through Conflict in Relationships with Alyssa + Geoff

Ahh! I’m so excited because Geoff, aka my boyfriend (why isn’t there a word between boyfriend and husband?) is joining me this week! In our …


Eliminating Decision Fatigue with Erika Lyremark

This week, Erika Lyremark joins me to talk about how we can eliminate decision fatigue. During our conversation, we cover how to make powerful decisions, …


How Do We Talk About Money And Debt Without Feeling Embarrassed? With Britni Ross

My friend Britni Ross joins me to talk about money, debt, and the stories we tell ourselves about our worth. We discuss the shame and …


How Do We Cultivate Community As Adults? With Mindy Jones

How do we cultivate community as adults? This is the question Mindy Jones joins me to talk about in this week’s episode. During our conversation, …


The Impact of our Homes on our Happiness with Emily Majewski

Emily Majewski joins me to talk about how our environments—the homes we live in and the buildings we work in—significantly influence our well-being. We cover how …

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