You don't need to rip your hair out. You just need a Web Spice Check.

Your website is supposed to help you be seen, heard, and loved online but that’s proving to be a lot harder than it sounds.

It’s live, but it’s not really pulling its weight in terms of making your life easier and bringing more people to you.

And you’re a confident, intelligent, business woman on a mission who just wants to do what she loves, but you know you also need a site that works for you. You’ve made it this far and now you feel a little stuck. You have the skills to make changes, if only you knew what changes would make the most impact.

What you really need is an audit—and not the kind the IRS delivers. Nope, you need a web & copy audit. And since that name is boring I’ll call it a Web Spice Check since that’s what your site should be doing anyway…bringing in checks.

Websites can be a hard beast to conquer. Sometimes you just need a coach sitting on your shoulder telling you what steps to take. Wouldn’t it be great if a fairy godmother appeared to guide you through your website making sure you’re telling your story, sharing your personality, and speaking to your audiences in a way that gets them to buy but also makes them feel good too?

Wouldn't it be great if you had:

  • A brand strategist and copywriting expert walking you through your site, narrating the experience, and telling you what to change or improve?
  • Wouldn’t it be even better if that was on video so you can go back to it over and over?
  • A checklist of items you can get started on right away that will make the most impact? (Oh, and this is tailored to your technical comfort level or that of your team’s).
  • A cheat sheet to help you go through the process for any pages you add in the future?
  • You get all of this + 2 live sessions with me when you book a Website Spice Check.


✨ First, you book me. You’ll schedule a time that works well for you and pay your invoice upon booking.

✨ Then, you’ll be sent a questionnaire that gets to the heart of what you’re trying to convey, the basics of your business, and your tech comfort level when it comes to managing your site.

✨ Next, we chat. During our first live session we go through where you’re at in your business, where you’re headed next, your goals, and who your audience is.

✨ Then, we sign off and I get to work reviewing your site. I record a video of me going through up to 5 pages of your site. I highlight components of design, copy, and customer experience often offering word, design, and flow suggestions right then and there. Then I compile those suggestions into a PDF checklist so that you’re not frantically taking notes while watching that you can act on right away.

✨ I send the PDF and video to you within 10 days of our first call and include a link to schedule our second call. There, we talk about any questions you have or I’ll review some of the ideas you might have already begun working on from the video. It can be a strategic session or a secondary review.

✨ Voila! You have a results oriented video, checklist, and cheat sheets to go back to at your disposal to continue refining your site. And if you put in a little work to make the changes, you’ll have a site that does what it’s supposed to—convey your story, capture the heart of your community, and converts curious visitors into paying customers.

Ready to take your site to the next level fairy godmother style?




One woman shops and small businesses with big hearts who want to show up and connect authentically while building community with their customers. If you have a 1:1 service or a product based business and want to make your customers feel like they’ve landed in just the right spot this is for you.

I’m likely not your cup of tea if:

  • You’re into scammy growth hacks and want the easy way out. (Tip: there isn’t an easy way out).
  • You care more about conversion tactics than connection. True conversion comes from connection.
  • You can’t handle a swear word or five.

A word of warning & a dose of encouragement

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t completely honest as I walk through your site. Some things may be hard to hear, others will make you laugh because you’re intuition already gave you a hint I’d say that. Others still will make you say, “did she really just say that?” Yes, I did because I want to make your site work for you.

But here’s the extremely important thing to remember: Even though I’m saying brutally honest things, I’m not judging where you’re at in your business. Perfection isn’t real and there’s always room to evolve because your business is constantly evolving. This is about making your site convey your unique story, connect with your audience, and convert curious visitors into paying customers and active community members.

A dose of objectivity leads to clarity. And that's exactly what your site needs to be—clear.

Imagine yourself a month from now you could be sitting with ever increasing website shame, wondering why people aren’t connecting with your story, and what you need to be doing differently. Or, you could be putting the finishing touches on your modified site and feeling confident as ever in how you’re showing up for your community.

Have a few more questions? Here are a few more answers.

If you decide you need a little help with the edits, I have packages and partners to help you but it certainly isn’t a requirement. You’ll have plenty of small changes to put in place that will lead to big impact.

I’ll review up to 6 pages. Typically, I audit your home, about, services, and contact pages, in addition to a landing page, and your blog. Some people have me look at 5 different landing or opt-in pages, and others have me look at their customer experience journey from first site touchpoint to the purchase (and hopefully) thank you page. The pages I look at are tailored to you and your business, but I intentionally limit the number of pages I go through so that I can be sure I give you the in-depth insight necessary.

Your business and your understanding of who you’re serving and how you’re showing up is constantly evolving. That means, your site should evolve throughout the year as well. I’ve had people do audits yearly or some as frequently as every quarter. That way, your site reflects the parts of you that have also evolved.

I could offer this service without the live calls, but I believe it’s in our mutual best interest that we talk before and after. It gives you the space to ask questions, share what’s worked, share what you’re unsure about, and fill me in on your goals so that you have an audit customized to where you’re at and where you’re going. lt gives me an understanding of who you are and how you like to show up for your community and gives me insight into how I can delight you. Plus, working from home can be lonely and I love getting to connect with inspiring souls throughout the day, it makes my heart happy.

Hi, I'm Alyssa, and together we'll take your site to the next level.

I’ve been a brand strategist and copywriter for six years, designing and building WordPress websites and courses along the way. I’ve worked with people like Linda Siversten and Danielle LaPorte in addition to many other authors, solopreneuers, and startups. Each client experience has taught me more about what it takes to convey authentically and show up in your corner of the web. And now, it’s led me to you. I can’t wait to show you the small changes hiding all over your site that will help you build community and connect with customers.