Taking Up Space

The inaugural episode is here! 

To kick things off, my friend Rachel Valentino joins me to discuss taking up space. If you’ve ever felt like shrinking to keep someone else comfortable or like denying your truth seemed safer than owning your story, this episode is for you. Rachel’s story of discovery and redefining herself post-divorce paved the way for us to dive deep into:
  • What is it that really makes us human?
  • How do we transform the urge to turn into robots when things get uncomfortable?
  • How do we claim our story when it may leave others feeling uncomfortable?
  • How do we reconnect with desire after years of suppressing needs and wants?

This episode will help you find freedom in your flaws and start taking up more space in your life.

About Rachel
For the past fifteen years, Rachel has been a leader in the DC real estate scene. During the emotionally charged experience of buying or selling real estate in urban and suburban Metro DC, where variables in the local market are numerous, and the end result is unknown, clients have, year after year, put Rachel in the top echelon of real estate pros across the city. She is annually recognized by Washington City Paper, Bethesda Magazine and Washingtonian as being a top agent in the area.

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