The Impact of our Homes on our Happiness with Emily Majewski

Emily Majewski joins me to talk about how our environments—the homes we live in and the buildings we work in—significantly influence our well-being.
We cover how our environments can limit our self-growth, how buildings pollute our bodies, and how to change our chemical dialogue with our homes to promote endorphins.
One of my favorite points of discussion is when Emily and I talk about whether our houses are sick affirming or life affirming.
We also touch on the trend of eggshell white and how our homes are like pharmacies.
If you’ve ever dreamt of building a home from the ground up or if you’re obsessed with optimizing your surroundings for optimal health this episode is for you.
Emily Majewski is Founder of Phytostone, a natural building products firm in Mexico. Emily is also the creator of Embodied Home Design, an open-source program teaching wellness warriors how to design their dream home centered on personal growth and what she calls ‘tridimensional health’ – where occupants thrive from body + mind to heart. This mission is fueled by 2 things: a passion for upskilling women in optimizing their environments and 2) guacamole a la Mexico. 🙂
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