Hi! I'm Alyssa.


I work with people who desire to live intentionally and ambitiously. People who want it all—love, wealth, health—without sacrificing their self and soul.

Since you found your way here, I have a not-so-sneaky suspicion you're one of those people.

I'm so glad you're here.

I felt trapped by inhibitions for years. I operated out of fear instead of fierce self-love.

As a result, people pleasing, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and harsh self-judgement became my norm.

I felt trapped inside a world I had let other people create for me.

Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at 16, fear ran my life for over a decade. Constant worry about whether or not tapping something the right amount of times would lead to some impending doomsday event I had concocted in my mind.

Hours of my life washing my hands an unnecessary amount of times to calm the thought that if I didn’t my boyfriend at the time would leave me.

Fear and a deep desire for control ran my life. When I tried to outsmart it, new compulsions would emerge. When I tried to fight it, it fought back harder.

I spent thousands of dollars trying to “fix” myselfーviewing my existence as more of a project than an unfolding.

Until I realized, I am not a project to be fixed.

OCD and the inhibitions I had developed as protection mechanisms over time did not have to define me.

It’s my job to define meーotherwise the world was more than happy to do so for me.

And that’s when life opened up.

I set off on a path of consuming copious amounts of information in the fields of psychology, communication, and neuroscience. I got my Masters in Communication and studied to become a Master Life Coach and NLP Trainer. I followed the trail of tools that made it easier and easier to manage the fears that had previously felt so crippling.

Now, I have the tools that help me approach life with curiosity, courage, and clarity of vision and experience freedom daily.

I want that for you, too.

Facing old wounds, shaking up patterns, acceptance, does not presuppose you’re broken. It presupposes you’re human. And the art of human-ing can be challenging.

Life becomes more beautiful when you upgrade your thoughts, know how to shift your perspective with ease, and develop an unshakeable resolve rooted in courage.

I work by the philosophy that whatever is mentionable is manageable. So we get it all out on the table, distill it down, and figure out your next best action.

After all, success is just a series of actions. Together, we define the ones that feel right to you, the ones that let you step into your essence and shine.


Alyssa's Signature


I love hazelnut butter cups.

G2 pens in red ink are my go-to.

I asked for my first suitcase when I was 10.

I used to compete in ballroom dancing.


I was born out of a social science love triangle with undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology and a Masters in communication.

  • Master NLP Coach
  • Certified practitioner of hypnotherapy
  • Trainer of NLP

I believe in designing everything. Otherwise, we only end up responding to what others have designed for us.

Freedom comes from intention.

Ready to design your life?

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