In a world that discourages talking about the taboo, I bought a microphone.

As Mister Rogers said, “Anything human is mentionable, and anything mentionable is manageable.”

I invite you to join me as we journey through the mess, the magic, and the mania in between because what we can talk about, we can manage.

This honest conversation extravaganza includes free-flowing conversations and high doses of vulnerability to remind you that you aren’t alone. No topic is off-limits. Episodes are designed to leave you smarter (aka more self-aware) than when you came.


Experiencing Wonder, Awe, and Magic with Stormy Sweitzer

How often do you find yourself wondering? Stormy Sweitzer joins me this week to talk about wonder and awe. We talk about the power of choosing …


How Do We Flourish When Things Feel Complicated? With Dr. Sophia Town

Dr. Sophia Town is on the show with me this week to talk about how we flourish in the face of complexity. We dive into …


“Should It Be This Hard?” An Unconventional Q & A with Geoff and Alyssa

Geoff and I are coming to you from our couch this week with an unconventional Q & A. We identify a question that many people …


Blind Spots, Bravery, and Unlocking our Truest Selves with Iona Holloway

Iona Holloway is on the show with me this week for an illuminating conversation about shrinking, shadows, shame, and self-liberation. The first question we ask …


How do Science & Spirituality Co-Exist? What Fire Teaches Us with Dr. Amber Ortega

My friend Dr. Amber Ortega joins me to talk about science and spirituality. As a scientist, firefighter, and priestess, Amber brings a unique lens to …


Full Time Travel, Dealing with Burnout, and Daring to Act on Your Dreams with Irina Leoni

Irina Leoni joins me to talk about the nuances of what it means to travel full time. We dive into what it takes to own …

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