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Don’t be a Donkey and Other Tips on Avoiding Fear

Ciao! The day my mom joined us in Italy happened to be the same day as Festa Di Asini—The Donkey Festival (yes, you read that right). A Donkey Derby seemed like the perfect way to help her fight jet lag, so we joined in on the fun. Here’s the thing, the concept of racing donkeys around a small grassy track is hilarious because donkeys are…

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Get Your Woo Woo On With Solfeggio Frequencies

Wednesday can often get a bad rap, it's hump day after all. Smack dab in the middle of the week with no specialty of its ownーother than being right in the middle.I'm finding this Wednesday has been particularly middle-ish, so I thought I'd rename it Woo-Woo Wednesday and share some magic with you. Sound good? I thought so, too.

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Podcast Interview: Mental Illness Mental Brilliance

Hear me talk about managing my OCD successfully & what it took to get there.

Shutting Up The Bitch Brain

Is that your Bitch Brain talking?