Blind Spots, Bravery, and Unlocking our Truest Selves with Iona Holloway

Iona Holloway is on the show with me this week for an illuminating conversation about shrinking, shadows, shame, and self-liberation.

The first question we ask is, “Is inner work worth it?” Once we cover that, we dive into why women shrink and the many faces shrinking can have. 

We talk about safety, coping mechanisms, how to be on your own team, what it means to be brave, and the walls strong women put up to protect themselves (and how to take them down).


Iona is the best selling author of Ghost – Why Perfect Women Shrink and founder of Brave Thing. She helps strong women do inner work to find the blindspots holding them back from burning brighter and braver and being more themselves in their lives, work, and relationships.

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