Experiencing Wonder, Awe, and Magic with Stormy Sweitzer

How often do you find yourself wondering? Stormy Sweitzer joins me this week to talk about wonder and awe.
We talk about the power of choosing where to put our attention, how wonder walks changed our lives, and give practical tools for cultivating more wonder in your life.
And in case the benefits of wonder are feeling foreign to you, we share the rewards we’ve each reaped from devoting more time and attention to tuning in and embracing wonder.
Stormy also shares an experience she had one morning on a run that borders on magical and had me on the edge of my seat.
Stormy Sweitzer (@stormy.sweitzer) is a future-oriented writer, researcher, and guide to the unknown. As a PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University, she studies the practices and potentials of wonder and how complex social interactions lead to phenomena like inclusion and identity development. Having long helped people and organizations navigate uncertainty and change, today she offers vision coaching and strategic consulting through her business Mapping Wonder.
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