Geoff Asks Alyssa: Birthday Edition Q and A

It’s a special birthday edition! I turn 31 this week, and it just so happens this is the 31st episode of the show. Naturally, that requires something fun! Geoff joins me on the couch for a special Ask Me session.
Geoff compiled a list of questions people might ask kids, tweens, and teens on their birthday and asked me instead. I didn’t get to peek beforehand, so you get my off-the-cuff answers.
You’ll learn…
💋🎙 Whether I’d rather be attacked by a bear or a swarm of bees
💋🎙 What I’m most afraid of (it took me a second to figure out what the answer truly is)
💋🎙 The pet peeve that gets me every time
💋🎙 What I would have named myself if given the choice
💋🎙 If I’ve ever stolen anything
…and more.
We also talk about the importance of growing down while growing up.
How would you answer these questions? Hop on over to the comments and let me know.
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