How Do We Talk About Money And Debt Without Feeling Embarrassed? With Britni Ross

My friend Britni Ross joins me to talk about money, debt, and the stories we tell ourselves about our worth. We discuss the shame and embarrassment that so often comes with mentioning debt and how talking about money can drastically change friendships for the better.
Britni Ross is a Business & Financial Educator who uses behavioral finance to help others master their money, build wealth, & fall back in love with their lives. From budgeting to wealth building, Britni teaches you how to set up and manage all the money stuff in your life. To date, she has paid off over $170,000 in personal debt, which gives her the confidence and the freedom to run her business from the comfort of home.
Britni is a wife, mother, and creative who lives in rural Ohio where she continues toward her goal of becoming totally debt-free. When she’s not writing you’ll find her painting, gardening, experimenting in her kitchen, or traveling with her family.
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