How to Deal With Your Inner Critics

How we perceive a situation directly influences how we respond. But what or who determines your perception—you or your inner critic?
Tune in to discover:
💋🎙 How to recognize your inner critics
💋🎙 Sneaky voices that may mean an inner critic stole the show
💋🎙 Why trying to banish inner critics doesn’t work and what to do instead
So if you’ve ever…
  • Spent an entire shower overthinking what you said at dinner last night,
  • Felt uncomfortable relinquishing control,
  • Passed up an opportunity because you worried you weren’t good enough,
  • Reread an email four times before hitting send to make sure it was perfect,
  • Felt guilty for not checking off your last to-do item,
  • Shamed yourself for indulging in that third drink,
…this episode was recorded for you.
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