The Make it Mentionable Show

In a world that discourages talking about the taboo, I bought a microphone.

As Mister Rogers said, “Anything human is mentionable, and anything mentionable is manageable.”

I invite you to join me as we journey through the mess, the magic, and the mania in between because what we can talk about, we can manage.

This honest conversation extravaganza includes free-flowing conversations and high doses of vulnerability to remind you that you aren’t alone. No topic is off-limits. Episodes are designed to leave you smarter (aka more self-aware) than when you came.


The Latest Episodes

Make it Mentionable
45 Lessons From a 90-Year-Old (Part One) with Alyssa + Geoff

ABOUT THE EPISODE When Regina Brett turned 90-years-old, she re-published one of the most popular columns she’d ever written—a list …

Make it Mentionable
Hidden Fears and What to do About Them with Linda Ugelow

ABOUT THE EPISODE Sharing your story and yourself with others can be terrifying at times. And I’m not just talking …

Make it Mentionable
What Does Fulfillment Actually Feel Like? with Julie Schoen

ABOUT THE EPISODE We often think success and fulfillment go hand-in-hand. The general narrative seems to be if you have …

Make it Mentionable
How Do We Fix Our Broken Systems? with Chris Ward

ABOUT THE EPISODE Chris Ward joins me to talk about fixing our broken systems. This convo is a tad different …

Make it Mentionable
Making the Unconventional Choice with Sami Miles

ABOUT THE EPISODE Sami Miles joins me to talk about leaning into turning points and the nuances of making an …

Make it Mentionable
Experiencing Wonder, Awe, and Magic with Stormy Sweitzer

ABOUT THE EPISODE How often do you find yourself wondering? Stormy Sweitzer joins me this week to talk about wonder …

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