Why Our Relationship With Food is Broken with Megan Brown

Our food system is broken. As a result, our relationship with our bodies suffers. Health coach and functional health practitioner, Megan Brown, joins me to discuss our societal definition of aging, the role food plays in how we feel, and how we can nourish ourselves in a world filled with cluttered messages around health.
💋🎙How food companies strategically mixup health information and marketing
💋🎙The importance of uncovering the root cause when it comes to health
💋🎙Nuances of the doctor-patient relationship and how to be your own health advocate
💋🎙How the cultural obsession with productivity seeped into the food system and how to reclaim true health
💋🎙The dark side of convenience and its detrimental effects
💋🎙How we can nourish ourselves with confidence
Megan is a certified holistic health coach, functional health practitioner, wellness blogger, twin mama, food lover, and autoimmune warrior determined to make healthy not feel so damn hard.
After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 22, she spent years dieting, restricting, and spending hundreds of dollars on supplements, all the while feeling stuck and confused as to how to navigate between managing this disease and trying to heal her body.
That’s when she started studying nutrition, holistic health and healing and later founded No Rules Nourishment, LLC. 
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